Do all businesses need a Website, or will an Offersite do?

Many local small business owners I speak with don’t think they need a full-blown website for their business. Usually the argument against one is that it is too expensive, they get their business through word of mouth or they just don’t have the time and expertise to make one. These are all valid objections, but can a business in today’s world survive without an online presence?

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Some businesses that are in the service industry really don’t need a big, gargantuan, behemoth of a website, this is true, but without an online presence they are losing business to some of their competition.

A recent BIA/Kelsey study found that 97% of consumers search for local businesses on-line.

That is to many potential customers to miss out on.

So what are small business owners to do? Fortunately we at Saleswripple have come up with a solution, the Offersite. What is the difference between a Offersite and a Website? The main difference is that Offersites are designed to be found in local search. If you live in Phoenix and want to sell something to people in Nebraska it won’t work for you, but if you are in service industries like, auto repair, nail salons or restaurants and just want to get your name out there, it may be just right for you.

A recent Brightlocal study found that 36% of respondents said that a clear and smart website gives a local business more credibility.

Think of the traditional website as a semi-truck. It’s big and bulky with lots of information. They are usually harder to navigate as well. If you want something at the back of the trailer you have to take time to find it and if it takes to long consumers usually just hit the back button and go to a different site.

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A Offersite is streamlined. You get all the benefits of a website like digital presence, online reviews and social media links without the slow load times and clickbacks. It’s more like a Ferrari. You can have pictures of your place of business, a list of services or menu options and even display any products you may offer. Because it is smaller and more nimble it is easier for the search engines to find and loads faster, which is important to Google.

In short, most small local businesses don’t need a big bulky website, but if you want to show up well in the Google maps section, a Offersite is definitely worth the money.

About Saleswripple

Saleswripple’s mission is to help local businesses grow and prosper.  Saleswripple marketing consultants live and work in your local area and help take the guesswork out of local advertising with real-world marketing strategies that are proven to drive measurable results.  From creating a strong online presence and being quickly found on all devices, including desktop, laptops, smartphones and tablets, Saleswripple continues to find innovative ways to connect local businesses with consumers.  Visit us at Saleswripple to learn more about how we can help you.






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