Want your phone to ring more? Try this… Local SEO Part 2

What to do with the citation document

Now that Google has added a Google AD to the local maps 3-pac, having your local listings correct is even more important for Phoenix small business. In the last couple of years we have seen the google maps section shrink from a 10-pak to a 6-pack to a 3-pak, don’t worry prohibition isn’t coming back, but it is getting harder and harder for small businesses to rank. This is why getting your NAP is more critical than ever for local small businesses.

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If you haven’t done this yet it is important to have your listings as complete as possible starting with Google My Business. If you are not on Google My Business and you are a local small business owner stop what you are doing (after you finish reading this article of course) and go here Google My Business  It is easy to fill out the information and they will send you a postcard to verify your account within two weeks of completion.

That’s a good start, but getting in what is basically the 2-pak now on Google maps, will require much more effort. There are literally thousands of directories that you can list your business on for free and some specialty ones that cost a little. At Saleswripple we practice Local SEO, so we list customers on directories relevant to Phoenix small business. All of them will offer upgrades with a monthly or yearly fee but most small businesses don’t need that, you just need to make sure your free listing is consistent across the board. Don’t try to claim your listing on all of them, you will be in a strait jacket within a week, pick the most relevant to your business in Phoenix or Glendale and get you NAP correct.

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Unfortunately it doesn’t end there. After a period of time, one week to a month, you will have to go back and “claim” some of these listings. That’s why it is good to have a spreadsheet with notes on what you have done. Want one? CLICK HERE and we will email the Saleswripple spreadsheet we use for Phoenix small business.

We submit our client’s information to over  50 local directories.

We do business in the Phoenix area and so that is where we concentrate our efforts. We also offer submission to 3 data aggregators. What are data aggregators you ask? It’s spelled like it sounds. Data aggregators collect large quantities of data from all over the world and “push” this data out across the web. It takes longer for the results than claiming your listing on any one directory, but they will “push” your NAP out to far more directories than you could claim on a weekend or in a week.

After you have done all this it will take a little time for the Googlebots to absorb the new data and start your climb up the SERP’s. But the time you spend now will pay off in the long run. What about niche citations you ask? Stay tuned…

If you would rather run your business as the professional that you are and leave the tedious task of citation building to a professional, email me at mbankston@saleswripple.com I will be happy to go over our pricing plan with you as well as answer any questions you may have.

Please leave any comments or suggestions you might have below and follow us on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.


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