Want your phone to ring more? Try this… Local SEO Part 1

Are you a Phoenix small business owner?

Have you ever done a Google search on your own business? You probably found your business associated with a few sites that you didn’t know about, like Manta or Kudzu. Even if you have never filled out a Yelp! profile, which you should, it might be there with your name on it. Some small business owners I speak with in the greater Phoenix area don’t know what these are. They’re called directories and there are thousands of them. They are important to your  local SEO efforts.

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The main thing you need to know about directories is that Google (when I say Google I mean Bing, Yahoo and every other search engine) uses them to establish authority, who you are. The more listings or citations you have on these directories, the more authority Google gives to your business and the higher it ranks on the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Page). It’s not quite that simple, there is a lot more work that goes into local SEO, but if you are a new Phoenix small business owner trying to get your name out there, this is a good place to start.

If your NAP (Name, Address, Phone Number) is consistent across a large number of these directories, Google will give your business a higher authority and rank it higher on the SERP’s. If your NAP is not consistent you will rank lower than you should. That is why cleaning up a customer’s NAP is one of the first things we do for a new client and if you want your phone to ring more it is the next thing you should do for your business.

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The first thing you want to do is set up a citation document.

This will have all your relevant information on it so you can copy and paste it into each site. If you use a browser with an autofill (like Google Chrome) make sure to get your information consistent in it before you start. If you would like to know the information we at Saleswripple require of our clients before we begin building their listings CLICK HERE and we’ll email you a copy of our citation Doc. In the description make sure you use the name of your city (i.e. Phoenix, Glendale, Peoria, etc.) at least once, don’t over use it, and some of the key words you have on your websites home page.

I can’t stress enough how important consistency is to your credibility with Google. The process to get your NAP straight as well as getting your business hours, description of your business and links to social media and you website is time consuming. Pack a lunch (probably breakfast and dinner too) you will be there for a while, but in the long run it’s well worth it.

After you fill out your citation doc, what next?

Check out our next post to see where to go with this valuable information, Saleswripples top 50 directories for Phoenix small businesses.

If you would rather run your business as the professional that you are and leave the tedious task of citation building to a professional, email me at mbankston@saleswripple.com I will be happy to go over our pricing plan with you as well as answer any questions you may have.

Please leave any comments or suggestions you might have below and follow us on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.


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